How To’s for Health Insurance Enrollment in Columbia County – November, 2013

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UPDATE Dec. 1, 2013: You have an extended period to sign up for a January 1 effective date. Apply by December 23 and pay your premium by December 31 to prevent a lapse in coverage as you transition to a new policy through the Affordable Care Act.

HEALTH in Columbia County hosted Heather Hill and Natha Peele of Arkansas Department of Health and Bruce Donaldson of Arkansas Insurance Department at the November, 2013, meeting at the MRMC Lifesmart Center. Members of the coalition received information on health insurance enrollment options in Columbia County.

Some important pieces of information from this meeting:

You should submit requested income verification documentation and premium payments by December 15, 2013 to be covered on January 1, 2014. That means it is important to begin the application process during November!

There are a number of paths an individual may follow to enroll in an individual health insurance plan:

Online at (
or Access Arkansas – Select “Pre-enroll for Health Care Independence Program for coverage starting January 1, 2014”

County Health Unit (call 235-3798 for appointment) or DHS office (drop-in to use computer kiosk with assistance available at 601 E. University)

Toll-free number (1-800-318-2596)

Mail (Print the application and instructions from this page at –

or through your local health insurance broker.

All paths lead to for tax-credit-eligible plans in Arkansas. It’s now time to visit that site and begin the process of creating an account, reviewing your plan options, and submitting your application. You will find that all tax-credit-eligible policies on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Columbia County are Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans. Even if you are above the income level for tax credits on your health insurance premium, you will find quality, affordable health insurance coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace.


SAYS BACK TO SCHOOL BASH and HEALTH FAMILY CARE FAIR 2012 Registration for Fair Participants


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8:00 a.m.  Set up Tables and display

10:00 a.m.  Doors open for event

South Arkansas Youth Service Building

301 South Boundary Street, Magnolia, AR 71753

Download the registration form at the link below. Email your organization’s registration to or print and mail or FAX to:

Columbia County Independent Living, Inc.

Attention:  HEALTH Family Care Fair

P.O. Box 944, Magnolia, AR  71754

Fax:  870-234-3815

Back-to-School Bash and Family Care Fair

Questions? Contact Melissa at  234-4561

Adult Perceptions of Youth Alcohol Use

The annual  Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking will be in March. The latest results of the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (PRIDE Survey) will be released in time for the event. PRIDE surveys are conducted in Arkansas school districts and give us guidance on how to prevent underage alcohol and drug use.

Our regional Prevention Resource Center and HEALTH Coalition are sponsoring an adult survey to accompany the PRIDE Survey results. Please take a moment to complete the brief survey. This survey may also be shared with others in your organization, church, and friends and family. Print the survey to share with others. Or, save it to your computer and email to others.

Completed surveys may be returned in two ways:

Mail to HEALTH Coalition, P. O. Box 9293, Magnolia, AR  71754

Email to


Click on the link below to go to the survey in Word .doc form.

Click the Download button to save the .doc to your computer.

Open the survey document with your Word or other word processing program.

Mark your responses on the document. SAVE.

Email the completed survey as an attachment to:


Columbia County Resource Directory

Columbia County Community Connections provides the Columbia County Resource Directory as a free download. The directory was developed using Microsoft Word and will print on regular letter-size paper. Simply add the pages to a 3-ring binder for a hard copy of the directory. (If you are aware of a resource that isn’t listed, please send me Kim an email at

Columbia County Resource Directory

Section OneWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Housing or Utilities

Section TwoWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Food, Clothing, or Household Goods

Section ThreeWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Medical or Dental Care

Section FourWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Treatment for Emotional or Behavioral Disorders

Section FiveWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Education or Employment

Section SixWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Recreation or Entertainment

Section SevenWhen a Family Needs Assistance with Safety or Legal Issues

Physician Directory

Table of Contents

Tips for Parents to Prevent Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

Teens’ responses to the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Student Survey in the Fall of 2008 indicate that most underage drinking is taking place at “Someone Else’s Home” or “My Home.”

Tips for Teen Parties at Your Home:

  • Only allow teen parties when you are home to supervise.
  • Consider making parties at your home ‘by invitation only.’
  • Offer plenty of alcohol-free beverages.
  • If a teen arrives at your home possessing or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, call the teen’s parents.
  • Do not allow anyone under the influence to go home alone or drive. Call the appropriate law enforcement, if necessary.
  • If you have alcohol in your home, monitor the supply and secure it out of reach of teens.

Remember that serving a minor is a criminal offense, and adults are potentially liable for resulting negative consequences.  Parents may be sued for damages and injuries caused by the underage individuals they serve.  The adult is held responsible, NOT the underage host or drinker.

More Tips for Safe Teens:

  • Know where your children are. Assure them that they can telephone you to be picked up whenever they find themselves in a situation that is uncomfortable or threatening.
  • Get to know your children’s friends and their parents.
  • When your child is invited to an activity, verify the location and occasion with the adults responsible for the activity.
  • Check on adult supervision, and verify that no drugs or alcohol will be available.
  • Be awake or awakened when young people come home at night.
  • If you need to leave your older teenagers alone overnight, alert your friends and neighbors, so they know you are planning to be away.

HEALTH in Columbia County

Hey! Welcome to the blog for HEALTH in Columbia County. This is where you will find helpful and healthful tips from your local Hometown Health Initiative coalition.

The HEALTH Coalition is a network of individuals representing every aspect of community life. Our mission is to Help Everyone Achieve Long-Term Health in Columbia County.

We welcome your participation in the HEALTH Coalition at our monthly meetings and online. We have a Facebook page and would love for you to be our fan/friend there.

At our ‘First-Monday’ monthly lunches, HEALTH focuses on different topics in prevention, families, senior adults, safety, and chronic illnesses. Online, we’ll share fun content from the Web, and feature a variety of contests and local events.

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